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Growing Older with HIV - Group Conversation for anyone approaching 50, aged 50 or above and living with HIV in the UK
Medical advances and developments in treatment have come a long way in our fight against HIV and people living with HIV can expect to live long healthy lives, but our work does not stop there. We know that those living with HIV are more likely to face specific needs as they grow older relating to their physical, mental and emotional health, and these needs can change over time. All of this can impact on overall wellbeing.

We want to support those growing older with HIV to live happy and fulfilling lives in the best way we can. Our organisation is rooted in the communities we serve, and the only way to understand how we can serve our older population is by actively listening. This group conversation is for you to share what growing older with HIV means to you, and exploring topics such as:
- Social connections
- Resilience and stigma
- Physical, mental and emotional health
- Meaning and purpose
- Accessing online support and services
- Financial security
- Later life

We are particularly interested to hear from racial minorities, women, Trans people, and former Macfarlane Trust Service Users, so we can ensure we support the diverse community growing older with HIV

This group conversation is for anyone living with HIV and approaching 50, aged 50 or above and living in the UK

Using webcam and sharing your name during the group is optional, and you can participate anonymously if you wish. You are welcome to participate verbally in discussions and also write messages in the ‘chat’ function.

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Jul 29, 2021 02:00 PM in London

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